Adtech Solutions
20 years of Adtech development experience
Ad Network Management
WakeNet operates and support multiple different Ad networks. We know what it takes to help publishers monetize traffic, while enabling advertisers to get high performance for their ad budgets.
Programmatic Advertising
Efficiency and automation is the future of online advertisement. By minimizing human impact we make less errors at lower overhead costs. Simply more money to our partners!

About us

Through the years we have operated several popular Swedish websites, created unique software products and managed multiple advertising networks. In all these areas successful online marketing has been the core of our business model. Today we focus mainly on supporting and operating ad tech solutions for online affiliate networks.

With 20 years in the online advertisement industry WakeNet has gained unique experience. With an aspiration for constant improvement we have fine tuned technology for serving advertisement online. Do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss potential partnerships!

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